Project performance

Project Performance

The company's products include more than a dozen series of stadium telescopic stands, sports equipment, venue fences, suspended assembled floors, fitness paths, track and field, and gymnastics equipment, and there are countless products on the market.

Project performance one
Beijing Daxing District Sports Center Liaoning Agricultural Vocational and Technical College
Sichuan Dujiangyan CB0 Open Unit 72506
North Korea Pyongyang Gymnasium Qinggang County Gymnasium
Xishui County Sports Bureau Wangqing County Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication Bureau
Xinhua County Meiyuan Sanyou Furniture Store Shenhua Nortel Shengli Energy Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Chengyang District Cultural and Sports Center Cangzhou Sports Bureau
Wangjiang County Culture and Sports Bureau Mengcun Hui Autonomous County Sports Bureau
Project performance two
The Organizing Committee of the 13th National Games Hefei No. 35 Middle School
Beijing Wukesong Gymnasium Shandong Yantai Nursing School
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Sports Bureau Mian County Cultural and Sports Center
Anhui Zhunnan Experimental Middle School Cultural Bureau of Wanbailin District, Taiyuan City
Bohai Group Staff Culture and Sports Center Shaoyang County Sports Bureau
Heze Urban Construction Engineering Development Group Co., Ltd. Hubei Huanggang Teachers College
Education Bureau of Yilan County, Heilongjiang Province Hubei Huangshi Olympic Sports Center
Project Performance Three
The Mongolian Chinese Sports Federation MCCC
Heilongjiang Provincial Department of Education Xinxiang Sports Bureau
Shache County Sports Bureau, Kashgar, Xinjiang Qishan County Education and Sports Bureau
Nanchang Sports Bureau, Jiangxi Province Shandong Tancheng No.1 Middle School
Dongying Sports Bureau Yushe County Sports Bureau
Erdaohe Farm in Heilongjiang Province Zaoqiang County National Fitness Gym
Heilongjiang Forest Industry Bureau Xinjiang Construction Corps Sixth Division
Hefei Economic and Trade Tourism School Henan Baofeng County Sports Bureau
Project Performance Four
Singapore National Stadium Weixian County Culture, Radio and Television News Publishing House Sports Bureau
Jinan Military Region Queshan Training Base Qingdao Jimo Gymnasium
Wuxue Education Bureau Beijing Bawei Training Institute
Henan Zhengzhou Vocational Tourism College Hebei Second Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
Bohai Shipyard Group Co., Ltd. Gansu Lanzhou Special Police Detachment
Kashgar Prefecture Government Education Bureau Emeishan Sports Bureau
Fujian Changle City Science, Culture and Sports Bureau Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Education, Culture and Sports Bureau
Hebei Baoding Sports Bureau Dalian University of Foreign Studies

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