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Basketball Hoop: How to choose a high-quality basketball hoop?

Basketball Hoop: Basketball is a popular sport in China. In the college, the community, and even on the basketball court on the corner of the road, you can see all kinds of people sweating. From young people in their twenties to children in their 30s and 40s, to grandpas in their 60s and 70s, they all love to give us the same name. With the popularity of basketball, it has become a popular sport and more and more people love it. Today, owning your own basketball hoop is no longer a dream. How to buy a high-quality basketball hoop?
13 2021/09

Stadium seating: planning points for stadium seating

Stadium Seating: All requirements should be reviewed prior to installing stadium seating at a sports venue. Factors that determine spectator capacity, such as stadium stand geometry, need to be confirmed. When planning the stadium, the owner has clear requirements for the spectator capacity of the stadium. By estimating, one can get an approximate number of seats in the audience. When the overall plan is reviewed, all the details of the venue need to be counted, so the work will become more complicated.
30 2021/08

Stadium seats: basic requirements for public seat manufacturers in stadiums

Stadium seats: With the improvement of living standards, more and more people like to watch sports games in stadiums. However, watching a game usually takes more than an hour, which means we need to sit in the stadium for at least an hour. At this time, the comfort of the seat is particularly important, which directly affects our interest in watching football and physical health.
13 2021/08

Cage Football: Introduction to Cage Football Fields

Cage football: Football is a ball game. It also refers to the ball used in football matches, but here it stands for the former. Ancient football originated in China, and modern football originated in England. It is the most influential single sport in the global sports industry. The English abbreviation of cage football is PKO. So far, PKO has complete rules of the game: it is played in an iron cage with a diameter of 6 meters, each team has 3 players, the time limit is 3 minutes, and only the opponent's half can be shot or hit. Opponent's half. The body nets in its own half. It is effective. P.K.O chose rap music as the accompaniment, which made him deeply influenced by American culture
29 2021/07

Sports equipment: What role does sports equipment play in teaching?

Sports equipment: In recent years, sports facilities in various schools have been much better in type and quantity than before. They are all plastic track and field venues. There is also more sports equipment such as the three main basketball hoops, volleyball and other sports equipment. Sports equipment, such as small sponge pads, large sponge pads, etc., basically meet the requirements of physical education. However, when I teach at school, I often see that the teacher's venue and equipment are insufficient, especially in terms of the details of the venue and equipment. After class, I discussed it with the teacher in the get out of class, and the teacher listened. It does feel like a problem. For example, in the second grade of elementary school, "Continuous
25 2021/05

Sports equipment: maintenance of sports equipment

The use of sports equipment adds beneficial effects to the current stressful job. The equipment is designed to facilitate the training of body parts and designs. You can choose different tools according to your physical condition. This is part of a special exercise, not a run. Mountaineering and other projects are more straightforward and useful. So, how much do you know about the care and maintenance of sports equipment?
26 2021/04
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