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HKLJ-1003A Electric Basketball Stand

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1. Product Specifications

The outrigger of the basketball stand is 2.55m, and the upper edge of the basket is 3.05M high from the ground. Box size: length X width X front height X rear height = 2.1X1.1X0.65X0.35 (m). Suitable for a minimum site of 35.5 meters.

2. Product material

   The box body of the basket frame is made of 3mm iron plate folded on a special folding machine. The vertical arm of the basketball frame is made of 120X60X3.0mm square tube, which is welded with the iron plate. The rear vertical arm of the basket frame adopts 60X60X3.0 square tube. The outrigger is welded and formed by 120X120X3.0, 120X60X3.0, 60X60X3.0 square tubes. The surface of the welding seam is even and smooth, the rotating part of the vertical arm of the basket frame and the head of the outrigger arm, the front and upper part of the box are connected by the precision casting steel parts of the tile box, and the performance is safe and reliable. , to avoid the hidden dangers such as rust caused by electric welding and welding slag, and the reasonable structural design and unique appearance are harmonious and unified.

3. product structure

The basketball stand is equipped with a basket lifting system, a wheel telescopic mechanism and a hydraulic system. The basketball stand adopts an electro-hydraulic mechanism, which is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The main body of the basket rack adopts a hydraulic lifting system, which can be started by connecting the 220V, 50HZ single-phase power supply with the motor, driving the oil pump, and the "function" conversion is carried out by the microcomputer control system, and the oil cylinder immediately produces a telescopic movement, so that the ball rack column can be lifted and lowered to the base. Universal wheel ups and downs.

4. backboard

Specifications: 1800X1050(mm)x10.0, the backboard is equipped with high-strength safety tempered glass, which has the characteristics of high strength, good resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and not easy to blur. Protect the athlete from dunking.


5. Basket

    The basket ring is made of φ18 solid round steel. The basket ring has good bending resistance. When the static load on the top of the ring at the farthest point of the basket ring is less than 105kg, the basket ring does not rotate. When the static load is greater than or equal to 105kg, the basket ring is downward. Rotation, the angle does not exceed 30 degrees, which can effectively solve the stability of the rim when shooting and the safety of athletes when dunking.

6. Protective measures

    The front upright arms, base and outriggers of the basketball stand are equipped with special sheaths, which can effectively protect the athletes from injury. The lower part of the basketball stand is provided with a shock-proof pad, and the rear is equipped with a special special counterweight, with a single counterweight not less than 500kg , to ensure that the basketball frame will not tip over when a load of 3200N is applied to the root of the ring. There is a special insurance mechanism between the front vertical arm and the outrigger, which can effectively ensure the safety and aesthetics during use

7. Surface treatment

All steel parts are subjected to primary treatment such as shot blasting and sand blasting, and the final surface treatment is completed by electrostatic epoxy-based powder spraying on the automatic spraying line, with a coating thickness of 80um to 120um. The product has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, humidity and heat resistance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, etc., and the product coating formula does not contain toxic elements, so as to avoid damage to the health of users.

8. Implementation standards for basketball racks:

GB 23176-2008 "Basketball Hoop"

GB/T19272-2011 "General requirements for the safety of outdoor fitness equipment"

GB 5296.1-1997 "Instructions for the use of consumer goods - General provisions"

GB 5296.7-2008 "Instructions for use of consumer goods - Part 7: Sports equipment"

9. Theoretical weight is: 1000KG/pay, including basket and backboard.


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