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HKP-RJ-01 Videoboard Software

FIBA approved Basketball game synchronization software
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The whole network visualization system connects audio and video collection, transmission and display through digital network. At the same time, the geographically dispersed nodes can be unifiedly controlled and managed. And it has great flexibility and scalability, supports multi-point sharing of audio and video signals, mobile terminal preview control and other functions. It can be widely used in military, security, transportation, energy, communications, aerospace, finance, government and other fields.
The whole network visualization system has a qualitative leap in the flexibility of the project because of the dispersion of its physical structure. It can not only be used in small-scale projects to quickly build a whole system, and make it have the ability to upgrade and expand, but also can be directly applied in small-scale projects. In large-scale and complex projects, the difficulty of the project is reduced and the functions and features are enriched. Even a complex project can be divided into multi-phase sub-construction, thus solving the problem of funding in the construction.
The full network visualization system is not only an alternative to traditional image processor products, but also has the ability to integrate the latest semiconductors, multimedia, information network technologies, and the latest informatization concepts: cloud concepts, Internet of Things, mobile Internet, real-time information networks and traditional The perfect integration of the large-screen professional audio-visual system.

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